Hi! My name is Vicky.  I am a closet poet and short story writer.  This blog houses a collection of some of my heartworks and soulful lamentations. I say “heartworks” because all the words my mind ever connected together into a literary form were all born from my heart, enlivened by feelings, sorrows, joys, passion, realizations, and pain reaped from the recesses of my soul.  So this, all of this, is a reflection of me. Musings of my sexy soul. 🙂

On personal note, I am a Filipina who loves to sing, write, and read vampire romances. I am also a book designer.  A sinner saved by grace. I am a fun-loving warm person with a natural charm and a sweet personality.  I’m a bbw who loves coffee and pina colada, smokes capri for fun and to elicit deep thoughts, a passionate Libra, a hopeless romantic and an overly positive optimist. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my song 🙂


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