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written by Vicky, May 2012


have i loved you forever?

have i loved you forever
that the spark of soul in my being
must be drawn from your smile
and the shine in my eyes
must draw light from your every breath?

have i loved you forever
that every stroke and curve
of your lips
inhabits my thoughts in slumber,
and in wakefulness
the very timbre of your voice
nourishes my spirit?

have i loved you forever
that i walk this path to follow you
though my ragged feet bleed
on pebbles and rocks along the way?

have i loved you forever
that my faith in your love
never wanes even though
the ubiquity of your caress
is like a drop of sunshine
on a rainy day?

i must have loved you
before i even knew myself
for in your love, my life began
i must have loved you forever
if forever is now
if forever never ends.

written by vicky, feb 2012

my joy

written by vicky (12.2011)
(click image above to see it fully) 



the glowing embers
that warms and flames
the sorrows of my heart
when i think of you,
shines brightly like stars
that glow
in the darkest
my love for you

written by vicky

love me…

taunt me not….
but love me
the way the fragrance of flowers
call to butterflies in summer.
gently and tenderly,
the way the moon softly lights
the tenderest of nights.
kiss me
with passionate hunger
like the petals of young roses
that can not fathom to be apart.
taunt me not….
but lead me into the depth of rivers
where love can not be quenched
but forever savored.

written by vicky


written by vicky



If i am defined by my passion,
you would know me so well,
for i would never leave your side…
but i am stranded…
building bridges
as you build walls
and i surrender
that you knowing me
would never be.

written by vicky



your love is a gift,

a wind that plays with my senses…

my hands are too tied,
too cooled, untrained

to hold you, to keep you
in my sphere

i have only
visions of your smile
playing over and over

you are free as the breeze
distant as the stars
a river that earth has no vessel for

you are
a beautiful christmas package
for a christmas morning

and i am
the deep of night
waiting for the morning
that never comes.

written by vicky

Along the Shores of Timor…

Along the Shores of Timor…

My eyes have known no secret
that my heart conceals.
I walk blindly in the night
guided only
by the faint rush of your words…
i see nothing and almost no one,
and yet i love.
What is this, heart?
You hold secrets now?
You have not seen
And yet you dream
You have not felt
And yet you yearn
You have not tasted
And yet you hunger
You have not heard
And yet you listen
You have not known…
And yet you burn…
And yet… you love.

written by Vicky, 2006

Is it Not Love?

Is it not love?

What is love?
Does love deny the right to be broken?
Is it not love when one decides to forget? abandon?
Is it not love when it is silent? still?
Is it not love
When only God remembers
When only God can hear its prayers
The only language
It is allowed
to utter?

-written by Vicky, 2006

Where You’ve Been

Where You’ve Been

wondered where You’ve been
my tears have drowned my sin
i’m out here in the rain
living a life of pain
always wondrin, Lord
where You’ve been…

wondered where I’d be
if i’d known Your plans for me
if i bothered to ask
and then followed your path
i’ve been wondrin, Lord,
where i’d be…

i open my arms to heaven
in an act of desperation
and in a moment of silence
You reach out and say….

“My child,
I’ve been here all along
I’ve been here,
waiting for your call
though I never give
a burden so heavy
I know your pain
and through it all,
I’ve been here
catching your every fall…”

and i thank You Lord
i know You’re here at last
coz you’ve blessed my second chance
so in faith I will remain
and i’ll never ask again…
coz i know where You’ve been……

written by Vicky, 2005 (waiting for music)

Still Goodbye

Still Goodbye

Maybe I was wrong
I failed to understand
Where have all the love been going

Maybe its too late
To have another chance
I see it in your eyes I’m losing

But you’re still there
And you’re right there where
I wish that you would be
And I’m asking through my tears
The reasons why
After all these years
Its still goodbye.
Still goodbye.

Maybe if you stayed
You’d be locked in my embrace
Coz baby you should know I’m still in love with you

Maybe I’ve been strong
Thinking I can carry on
But baby I just had to let you go

But you’re still there
And you’re right there where
I wish that you would be
And I’m asking through my tears
The reasons why
After all these years
Its still goodbye…
After all the love
Its still goodbye.

music + lyrics by Vicky, 2006



heart, where the sun shines
passion and pain dance in serenade
for all the world to see.
in secret place in darkness
love like a poem
rings forever high the song
of Eden.
the nights?

written by Vicky



if i were a mother bird
and you were an offspring
today is the day
i’ll set you free
to befriend the wind
to dance in the sunshine
to craft your own shadows
and to fly where summer calls.
may your wings be strong
and your flight be joyful.
may you fly among stars
and drift above cool rivers
where you’ll gaze at your reflection
and remember home.

written by Vicky, 2005

for a friend… you know who you are…

Dances with Stars

Dances with Stars

Once upon the sky
Ablaze with stars it gazed upon
My loveliness my smile
And once upon the stars I slept
and dreamed and played and danced
Yet, reality took its royal chair,
I fell…
and down upon the dust
of dirt and mire and muck
I wept I swam I lived.
Like green the grass when dew does shine
God lifts up my soul and I…
I learn to breathe earth’s saving air
and live upon it,
I see the lilies and the bumblebees,
the footsteps on the muddy ground.
I live and raise my eyes up and see the trees
its upper arms embracing the silver ….
I am ….
gazing on stars once more…
not to go its distance and dwell there
not to climb the highest peak and reach out to its glitter
but to sit admiringly in the distance,
remembering the dances I once danced with its shine…
but stars are not meant to hold one such as me
I am my destiny fulfilled, as
I set my foot and roots safely on the earth
that loved me and graced me…
with the beauty and the fragrance
of the flowers in my midst.

written by vicky, 2003

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