I have been asleep for a long time. Asleep and dreaming of wonderful worlds and happy arms that used to hold me, for the longest time.

But today, I have awakened. And in this awakening, I see my surroundings with new eyes. I have no more illusions, only acceptance. Acceptance of the truth that was once invisible to my blinded eyes and wanting heart.

I refuse to stagnate, so I am moving on, but not before pruning myself of pretentious affections that talk of love and sisterhood and brotherhood but prove the opposite of it. Liars. Cowards.

I bleed. I do bleed. But every step I take deeper and away from the skin that is shed off me, the better I will be. It had to be done. It had to. For I am no longer asleep.

I may have less than what I had before, but I am NOT, in any way, less whole.