A Beautiful Past :)

I’m in my late thirties now, almost forty BUT NOT YET 🙂 and I certainly don’t look like it harharhar 🙂

I know I live a simpler life now, but looking back, despite the many challenges I went through, there were days… ohhh there were days when my life was full of victory, excitement, and glory. And talking about the challenges… well, if some people drank, I wrote. Writing was my outlet to pacify my raging emotions.

I used to think of my past in such a negative way (because of the challenges) that I had almost forgotten that a lot of beautiful things also happened to me.

How can I forget the glory days of my youth when I used to sing with the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ (CCP) Manila Girl’s Choir, the MET Chorus and the very prestigious UST Singers? The singing competitions (won a few times) and the standing ovations. Being cast in professionally produced musical plays with the Bangkok Community Theater in Bangkok, the concerts and solo stints with the Bangkok Camerata Singers. I had the opportunity to lead and motivate a group of rowdy young people in college to produce relevant school publications. It is a little heartwarming to think that those rowdy kids who used to bum around with me in old university halls are now leaders, managers, executives and professionals in their own right.

(pictured above, me on rightmost first row, w/ a cookie in mouth, & college theater group friends)

On the workfront, I had the chance to experience countless international travel opportunities and accomplished things I never thought I would. I also had so many other wonderful and beautiful experiences, too numerous to mention.

A lot of us, when we think about the past, tend to focus on the negative things. I had a lot of those too, but I realized there were more blessings I had to be thankful for. I really did enjoy my life. I wanted to write, so I wrote (and I still write). I wanted to sing, so I sang (and i still sing!). I wanted to love, so I loved (yup, still). Reaching victories isn’t half as fun as the journey of getting there. I am grateful for my life, the chances I have been given, the risks I took, the lessons I learned, the challenges I waved through and overcame, the opportunities I ran after. I am most of all, grateful for learning the ability to laugh at myself and move on after every failure and every mistake. Yes there were countless challenges, but I had survived it all with the help of God and wonderful people who came into my life. Through all the challenges and heartaches, I gained a wonderful by-product: a strong heart.

Probably now, I’ve mellowed down and I have learned to sit in the back seat and enjoy the view without having to become part of the show. I still push myself into new, albeit simpler endeavors, horizons, and challenges. And though I am still in search of that perfect spot in the sky I could nestle into at this very time, I know I’ll find it and there are still a lot of victories to come. 🙂

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