Where You’ve Been

Where You’ve Been

wondered where You’ve been
my tears have drowned my sin
i’m out here in the rain
living a life of pain
always wondrin, Lord
where You’ve been…

wondered where I’d be
if i’d known Your plans for me
if i bothered to ask
and then followed your path
i’ve been wondrin, Lord,
where i’d be…

i open my arms to heaven
in an act of desperation
and in a moment of silence
You reach out and say….

“My child,
I’ve been here all along
I’ve been here,
waiting for your call
though I never give
a burden so heavy
I know your pain
and through it all,
I’ve been here
catching your every fall…”

and i thank You Lord
i know You’re here at last
coz you’ve blessed my second chance
so in faith I will remain
and i’ll never ask again…
coz i know where You’ve been……

written by Vicky, 2005 (waiting for music)

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