My Tagalog Novel

In 2009 I wrote a Tagalog novel “Ikaw Lang Sa Aking Bukas” (You are my Tomorrow) a romance novel about a seemingly unrequited love between a hardworking and passionate executive assistant and her handsome bachelor boss who himself is caught between a past love and an arranged marriage. Amidst a mystical visit to a psychic, intrigue, mystery and office politics, the love story between Misty and Jake grew from rejection, to realization, to heartbreak, to true love. Breaking convention of what a typical woman should be, my heroine’s character is a go-getter and innocently spontaneous at expressing herself, including her passion.

I accidentally dug up the novel and re-read it today. Still brought tears to my eyes, for reasons beyond just the story itself. I’m sharing the novel to the world today so feel free to download the pdf file. The novel is written in tagalog/filipino with a sprinkling of english.  I might write another one in the coming days 🙂 but that’s just a plan for now. Click here to download the novel or read it online.

Closing this post, let me just write here what I told a heartbroken friend the other day:  “Its better to break your heart than do nothing with it…”

Don’t be scared to tell someone you love them even though they may break your heart, you may break theirs if you don’t. And if you get your heart broken by doing so… at least you know its time to move on. 🙂

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