A Baring of Heart

A Baring of Heart: Thankyou, Goodluck, and Goodbye

To my dear friends at ADPC:

It is a little sad to note that come Monday morning, I will wake up realizing that I will no longer be doing what I’ve always done every Monday for the last 7++ years of my life: I won’t be getting ready anymore to go to ADPC and work.

When I first came to ADPC back in 1997, I was a foolish young girl (unbelievably innocent… yes Philipp, there was a time…), scraping my knee on the cemented walk from the computer building to ADPC office for my interview, trying to balance high heels, mini skirt, brisk walking and getting nervous over questions like “What can you say about your skills at filing?” 🙂 Its been such a long way since then…. with ADPC, I’ve grown professionally (and figuratively)… reached new heights (and weights) I couldn’t possibly reach without your support.

medium_cowboy-gang2.2.jpgIn this corner of the sky where ADPC shines in my life, I’ve done everything that I could hopefully want to do, met and worked with some of the best people in the world, and I’m grateful for the chance to be involved in writing the “media kit and cbdrm.” Now, another corner of the sky is waiting for me, a space and time where I could exercise my passion and write books called “confessions of a burned woman”.

And so now, I must go. But please imagine that I am hugging you all and telling you all three sincere words from my heart: thankyou, good luck, and goodbye.

Thankyou, for the relationship.
medium_IMG_0626.3.JPGThe friendships I have with each of you, (and even the love-hate relationship I’ve had with some of you *grin*) will always be remembered and cherished. You have been my home away from home all these years. When I am long gone, I will always think of the word thailand and family together because of you. To those I’ve fondly called by another name: peanut, cheechee, flippygirl, baleng-galeleng, sandwich, zeyyapae, superman, buy-arghya-buy, nin-nin, fifi, hihi, khunying, tolasap, lalala, narnia, mother, sexy, and glimpse of heaven, hope you don’t forget the term of endearment i’ve bestowed on you 🙂

Goodluck, because you deserve it.

Goodbye, because every farewell must remember the good in every parting.

“Thanks for the wonderful ride. It was an adventure I’ll never forget.”

medium_ADPC_06Retreat.png medium_HuaHin_40_.jpg

Yours sincerely,

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